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Network game


There is an option of a network game in the program. It, however, is only suitable for Windows Me/NT/XP ( Windows 98 and Windows 2000 to using the gdiplus.dll) ad only for two programs with  the same game versions. You cant play the network game with different game versions.


It is necessary for the network game that on of the programs is the server, and the other is the client.


While the connection is being established the two main parameters are the Port and the IP-Address.


Port - is a Windows device to which the programs are connected to send or acquire information. It has got its own number. Most of the ports have got their programs. To find out which ports are already taken you can open the file services which is saved in the following folder Windows\System32\drivers\ets\services. For the game you have to choose the port which isnt indicated in this file. The ports on both of the computers should necessarily coincide.


IP - address serves to send the information through the local network as well as the internet. You can check it following these steps: "Start" -> "Connections" -> "Show all connections". Youll see the Network connections and in the left lower widow youll see your IP-address.  In case youre connected to the local network, your IP-address is the address of your network. If you are using the Dial-Up connection then your IP-address is the address of this very connection. You can see your IP-address in the Network  window, but only in case youre already connected.


For the server game


1. Go to "Network"-> "Network Game".

2. Choose connect to "Server".

3. Press "OK". 

For the client game


1. Go to Network -> "Network Game".

2. Choose "Connect to".

3. Enter the IP-address and the port .

4. Press "OK".


To stop the network game


1. Go to "Network" -> "Network Game".

2. Choose "Disconnect".

3. Press "OK".


To send a message


1. Enter your text into the left lower corner of the status bar.

2. Press the arrow key in the status bar and press "Enter" afterwards.


   In case the connection fails


1. Check the ports, they should be the same of the client and the server.

2. Check the IP-address.

3. Make sure the Firewall is installed. It might be blocking the connection.

4. The server and the client have different game versions.


In case the network game stops both the partners continue the game each against the computer. In case after playing the server game you dont want to play the network game anymore, you have to switch it on to go on playing against the computer. Otherwise you wont be able to play against the computer and the "No connection" message will pop up.




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