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  Dont try to find answer to complicated or vital questions and remember you can only ask the question once.




5 random cards are taken from the deck of 32 cards. After these 5 cards are open you need to ask a question and choose on of the 5 cards. Once the card is chosen together with the rest 4 cards it is put back into the deck and shuffled. Then the deck is laid out in the shape of a pyramid. In case the card you chose is in the pyramid, the probability of the wish coming true grows from the top to the base, i.e. if your cards is:


in the 1st row - the wish wont come true;

in the 2nd row  - hardly possible;

in the 3rd row - rather doubtful;

in the 4tht row - quite possible;

in the 5th row - most likely;

in the 6th row - almost certain;

in the 7th row - yes.


In case your card is not in the pyramid, just forget about this all. These are the answers to the asked questions.




Before you lay out the cards you need to concentrate on the questions you want to finds answers to. Once youre ready, place the cards into 4 rows, 9 cards each. The cards are grouped in pairs according to their suits. The answer to your question is as gfollws in case you have:


less than 3 pairs no;

from 3 to 6 pairs unlikely to come true;

from 6 to 9 quite doubtful;

from 9 to 12 50/50;

from 12 to 15 quite possible;

from 15 to 18 very soon;

more than 18 yes.


Closest fate


The deck is shuffled and the first 13 cards are laid out. Each of the cards has got its meaning.


is going to happen,

in a year,

right behind,


in the blues,

trying hard,


in doubt,

who loves,

that lies ahead,

will happen soon,

possible outcome,

what your heart will rejoice at.


The card values


6 - roads and travels,

7 - meetings and dates,

8 - talks,

9 - love,

10 - interest,

knave - bustle and fuss,

queen - of clubs- elderly woman of a female chief; of spades - a female rival, enemy; of diamonds - a female friend, contemporary, young lady; of hearts - friend, married woman, mother,

king - as the queen, accordingly,

ace - of clubs public house or bride-bed; of spades punch or drunken brawl; of diamonds important tidings, letter or money; of hearts your home or love.


In case 4 or more among the 13 cards are clubs -  youre now overcome by boredom, spades - youre now having a black stripe in life; diamonds- youll get rich, hearts- youre now happy in love.

In case 3 or 4 more among the 13 cards are knaves - there are hard times 
ahead (can be good or bad), queens- beware of gossip, kings - youre taken
care of, aces- youll have luck.




Chatarunga is one more way to know the future. It will help you to know whether your wish will come true. It has got two stages and should only be performed in a quiet atmosphere, at a clean table using the deck of 36 cards. The present version resembles a patience. The question may be asked only once, otherwise youll get the false information.


First stage: "Confession


Ask a question and lay out the cards into 9 heaps shirts up. Then arrange the cards in pairs: 6s with 6s, 7s with 7s, etc. In case all the cards get their pair, the answer to the question you asked is YES, in case some closed cards remain- the answer to your question is NO.


Second stage: "Interpretation


This stage is the logical continuation of the first one. It further interprets the answer of the first stage. Cards are laid out one after another, pictures up. You have to choose a card and in case it coincides with a card in the line , youll get the interpretation of the answer you got on the first stage.




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